Preview / Testing

👁️ What is the preview / testing center

The preview testing center allows you to fully test out all your survey questions, answers and all their logic before going live with real respondents.

The testing center can be divided in following sections.

  1. The device target let you preview how your survey will look on various devices and screen sizes. Note that while very close to the real device this is only a simulation its not an exact 1 to 1 result of what you would get on a real device.

  2. The page navigator let you select and switch quickly to any page of your survey. If you survey is set as a single question flow survey you will be able to navigate through the questions instead of pages.

  3. The preview testing properties let you define all the testing tool properties.

  4. Enter custom name / value pairs that will be used as a virtual query string during testing.

  5. Loads up a panelist from one of your panel, this feature is very handy if your survey relies on panelists for its display through piping or for some of its logic

  6. On the right you will find the main survey preview screen, you can use it to take your survey as a respondent. Note however that no answers will be saved when submitting the test survey.

🔅 Preview / testing properties

  • Generate a prefilled answers url generates a deployment link that includes the answers that you have selected or entered to pre-fill the survey when the respondents takes it through that generated link.

  • Keep last opened page keeps the last opened page if you leave the test center and reload it later on.

  • Keep test answers keeps all the answers you have selected or entered when leaving the test center and reloads them once you reload the test center.

  • Disable validation runs the survey without any validation checks like mandatory questions checks.

  • Show skipped / hidden answers force display of the question / answers that have been hidden / skipped. Hidden question will be shown as greyed out colored questions.

🚀 Preview / testing actions

Following actions can be triggered from the test center.

  • Trigger validation triggers the validation for mandatory questions or answers.

  • Clear validation errors resets and remove any validation error.

  • Clear answers clears all the answers you have selected or entered in the test survey.

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