File Storage

The file storage section let you define what files can be uploaded in your ngSurvey instance and define where these files will be stored. By default files are stored in the same database as ngSurvey however you can also choose to save these files on a filesystem be it local folder, network path or docker volume.

🔅 File storage properties

  • Max media file size size limit of files that can be uploaded in your ngSurvey instance. It includes any file uploaded in the media gallery and includes also all files uploaded by respondents in forms.

  • Accepted media file types Restrict the type of files that can be uploaded the media gallery or within forms.

  • Store files in Choose if the files are stored inside the database or within the filesystem. If you plan to collect a large amount of files we recommend to use the filesystem instead of the database.

  • Path Path of the folder where the file should be stored. It can be a local folder, network folder or docker volume.

  • Keep deleted files Always keep all the files even if these are getting deleted by the user using the ngSurvey user interface.

  • Sync storage If you have already collected files or uploaded medias and wish to switch the storage type you will need to sync your current data with the new storage that you have defined. If you don't sync the data your users may end up with empty files.

If you want to use the Filesystem storage on Docker you will need to setup a Docker volume to store the files on it.

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