Text Reports

🔠 What are text reports ?

Text reports are specialized reports that will analyze and let you manage all the text entries of your survey. You will be able to see the total number of respondents who answered your question and also the sentiment index if compute sentiment score was activated on the answer .

📃 Text reports results

You can generate a grid for each of your question text based answer which will show you the respondent entries for that answer. The grid will also display the sentiment index using smileys if the compute sentiment score property was activated on the answer.

🚰 Text filters

You may search through all the answer texts using the text filter.

Or you may also narrow down your results by adding a filter to youresultsts. Report filters can be added using the report filter toolbar.

🔒 Encrypted texts

If you the answer data classification has been set to encrypt the respondent answers you may decrypt them using the lock icon and your private key.

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