Invitation Piping Tags

Following piping tags can be used within your invitation message, these tags will be replaced dynamically by ngSurvey for each recipient before the invitation is send out.

  • [--surveyid--] survey id to which the respondent is invited to.

Some piping tags are only available to some distribution options.

📧 Email distribution invitation message

  • [--invitationid-] is the unique generated code that grants access to the survey and uniquely identify the recipient.

  • [--invitationtoken--] will be replaced by either a random taken token from your pre-generated token list or if ngSurvey matches an unused token with an email that is the same as the recipient email it will use that token.

👪 Panel distribution invitation message

  • [--panelistid-] is the panelist id of the panel member.

  • ++panelattribute++ will be replaced by the panelist value of that panel attribute. The panelattribute in the tag must be replaced by the mailing pipe alias of the panel attribute of your choice.

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