Using Zapier you can send automatically newly submitted respondent answers to any of the supported zapier application.

🚀 Zapier / ngSurvey setup

  • In the next you will have to set the link between ngSurvey and Zapier by setting up the your ngSurvey account using the settings that you can find in your ngSurvey developer page.

  • You may now select the survey from your surveys that will post to zapier the respondent answers as soon as a new respondent has submitted new answers. Click on the refresh fields to get the survey structure (questions, answers).

  • Make sure to use the find data feature to find a sample respondent as we will need this sample respondent data to map our columns with zapier later on.

This requires to have at least 1 respondent that was saved for your survey.

Now that we have setup ngSurvey with zapier we can connect it to any of the existing Zaps application.

In this small example we will send the respondent data to a Google Sheet and create a new row in our sheet on each new respondent.

1) To do so select the Zapier Google Sheets app.

2) You may now map the respondent answers to your Google sheet columns.

3) Using the respondent sample data you can now assign our respondent answers to the Google sheet columns of your choice.

4) Test your zap using the test respondent sample.

That's it!

You just setup a zap that receive your survey respondent answers and post them to a Google sheet using the Zapier Google Sheet application.

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