The label smart work allows you to dynamically define label categories that will be used to evaluate and categorize your respondents text entry contents. Each respondent text entry will be evaluate to see if it matches one or more labels that you have defined. Each label that matches the text entry content will be kept as a value of the smart column.

Using labels you can easily and automatically categorize your respondent answers to make grouping and filtering easier during your data analysis.

🔅 Label properties

  • Source answer columnis the column of your respondents dataset that will be used as source for label categorization.

  • Labels label of your category. You can add multiple labels. If the source answer can be categorized by any of the labels the smart column value will be assigned that label. If no category can be matched based on the labels ngSurvey will assign a default "unknown" label value.

  • Number of labels to include maximum number of labels to include.

Labeling is not a text comparision, based on on the respondent text entry it will evaluate the text to see if any of the labels that you have specified could be used to categorize that entry with it.

Below an example of a smart column that categorize a review entry

Based on the respondent review text we can see that it will automatically assign the right category to the smart column that we have created.

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