Archived Respondents

📚 What are archived respondents ?

Archiving of respondent allows you to send a respondent into the archive. The main advantage of archiving respondent is that these respondents are not anymore taken into account by security items. As such we can re-allow respondents to fill the form even if the security items don't allow multiple submissions. This can be particularly handy if we wanted for example to create a campaign in June and send our survey to panel members and then re-send a campaign later on in December to same panel members.

In such a case we could archive the June responses just before starting the December campaign to re-allow the panel members to re-take our survey a second time effectively allowing us to record multiple answers from the same group of people over time and generate reports series of different date ranges.

🚀 Archiving respondents

To archive respondents you may select the respondent and click on the Archive button.

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