Change log

NGSurvey's release notes

3.2.3 (2024/05/03)


  • Unable to post authorization based answers

3.2.2 (2024/04/29)

New Features

  • Heatmap based cross tabulation report


  • Selected checkbox with empty other didnt act as exclude answer if it was an exclude answer

  • Single question flow allowed to moved forward with opened dropdown list

  • Multi-lang resource selected language dropdown list stat wasnt kept on update

  • Form preview mobile wasnt fully accurate in size

  • Missing field properties for autocomplete collection based types

  • Item collection type answer couldnt be selected in condition rules for text filtering

  • Quota wasnt refreshed on thanks page

3.2.1 (2024/04/23)

New Features

  • Media player answer item to play videos / sounds from youtube, vimeo or from an http source

  • Restrict page navigation until media has been fully played by making the answer required

  • Updated translations of the administration section which can be used now in following languages: Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish


  • Questions within disabled block could cause an empty first question in single question flow mode

  • Video and sources tags were not allowed in question html code

3.2.0 (2024/04/04)

New Features

  • Question branching in single question flow mode to branch from one question to another based on conditions

  • Flow logic graph editor to visualize and edit page branching or redirections using a graph

  • Flow logic graph editor to visualize and edit question branching using a graph

  • Flow logic graph can be set horizontally or vertically

  • Parse unsafe chars from multi-language Excel export

  • Export trends as Excel file

  • Print individual respondent report

  • Bar / Pie chart switcher on graph based report items

  • Improved print rendering on reports to avoid page breaks within report items

  • Free text answer are sorted by number in the chart report if only numbers are entered

  • Free text report chart is using list item order if list item is used as an answer

  • Report styles update

  • Default report generates a more comprehensive ready to use report based on the survey questions and answers

  • Report cover page when displayed in printing mode

  • Easy report filter creation by clicking on the answers bars on the chart that you would like to filter out. Keep right CTRL key pressed to filter out multiple answers.

  • Multi-language reports, switch report to any of the survey languages if its based on a multi-language survey

  • Right to left languages support on reports

  • Default report can be configured to include text based answers

  • Default report view can be split as a grid

  • Ranking report item to view rankings of ranking based answers

  • Constant sum report item to view constant sum totals on constant sum based answers

  • Set anywhere in any question text html code a popup dialog action using custom attributes data-dialog-link, data-dialog-title, data-dialog-height, data-dialog-width and data-dialog-button on a div

  • Enable content policy security using NGSurvey:CPSPolicy environment variable with the "Self" value

  • SMS messaging support for API

  • Whatsapp messaging conversation support for API

  • Reminder support for WhatsApp campaigns

  • Page looping support to repeat full questions on a page statically or dynamically based on respondent answers

  • Page looping generation based on respondent answers to a question

  • Page looping generation based on respondent entries to a text based answer

  • Skip logic and piping support within looped pages

  • Page looping pipes to create specific pipe values for each of the page loop

  • Page looping pipes multi-language support

  • Page looping data export support

  • Page looping support on single question flow mode enabled surveys


  • Survey search was case sensitive

  • Rich editor's dialog wasn't centered

  • Answer report item didn't use question text if only one answer was used

  • Empty page check on branch / skip logic

  • Cleaned report print view

  • Updating sync with large sets of panelist could hang the sync process

  • Collection answers within matrix question were included for the parent in the default report

  • Field within matrix didn't show parent question label in report

  • Empty reporting alias was creating empty text headers in exports

  • Matrix cell answer was using parent type for respondent report output

  • Labels were partially hidden in matrix editor

  • Restrict entry up to max of question reporting alias size

  • Missing download from text report

  • Average time to respond wasn't re-calculated properly on survey import

  • Autocomplete dropdown didn't hide on print

  • All templates were shown for conversational surveys

  • Exclude answer didn't work in repeatable sections

  • Mysql panelist could not get right respondent if multiple surveys were taken for the same respondent

  • Toggle button horizontal overflow on mobile

  • Server side field answer required check was triggered for selection only answer based types

  • Tab links of page navigator didn't wrap

  • Mysql shared respondent answer update was creating duplicate answer entries

  • Shared input lock icon wasn't properly centered on answer item

  • Page randomize was randomizing questions within a block

  • Couldn't not use any media related tags in html code

  • Quota security wasn't allowing multiple submissions

  • Quota monitoring was not triggered if there was only quota rules with end survey

  • Over quota wasn't calculated properly on respondent save

  • MySql background task for campaigns and exports could get locked and hang forever

  • Missing IP security access security item on mysql

3.1.3 (2024/02/19)


  • Unable to set file upload max upload size

3.1.2 (2024/01/29)


  • Answer label was re-encoded

  • File upload answer didn't enforce the required option

3.1.1 (2024/01/08)

New Features

  • IP range access security item to restrict access based on IPs

  • Show active directory i if single signon failed

  • Limit one selection per row in a matrix

  • Restrict concurrent logins


  • Background service job clearing was triggered on cluster

  • Large amount of files could slow down queries

  • Hex colors were modified into rgba during html stripping

  • Didnt get export result from view

  • Unable to use answer suggestions with standard account

  • SVG tags were removed from text and labels

  • Couldnt download files with unknown mime type

  • Turkish I / i letter case mssql database fix

  • Sanitize answer labels

  • Non system language text labels were not exported in excel format

  • Replace pipe tags for row / separate selection data export sets

  • Campaign was trying to load panel / views even when user had no rights

  • Recipient grid required invitation template access

  • Couldn't assign users / groups to mailing template

  • Deleting uploaded answer didn't check against security pipe

  • File upload didn't check against security pipe

3.1.0 (2023/12/04)

New Features

  • !! .NET 8 migration ! Make sure to install the .NET 8 Hosting Bundle package on your host first or set your Azure web application to .NET 8 !!

  • Angular 17 migration

  • Use a replyto for completion alerts

  • Autocomplete modes on field based answer items

  • Restrict admin access and apis using the NGsurvey:AdminDisabled environment variables for public facing instances

  • Use host for deployment links to use the same host for multiple instances deployment in different zones (internal, public)

  • Set allowed email domain for mixed identity provider


  • Missing mysql index on files uid

  • Survey language was preventing to switch to default language using querystring variable

  • Survey loader didnt check for empty survey

  • Single question flow mode didnt show closed survey message

  • Unable to set ai rights to roles

  • Mailing reminder were still send on closed surveys

  • Export didnt order by block question order if blocks were used

  • Moving question from block to page didnt update block display order

  • Moving block question side block wasnt updating matrix childs block positions

  • Empty regular expression on condition rules was breaking server side validation

  • Removed trial access to display by default the account path

  • Panel with panel source attribute was showing wanring in invitation message for paenlist enabled panel

3.0.6 (2023/11/08)

New Features

  • Swap all answer types of a question for a new type

  • AzureAI as AI provider support

  • Smart analysis to analyze your data using AI

  • Improved auto AI translation process


  • Couldnt update reportitems having titles longer than 255 chars on mysql

  • Tenants didnt trigger background task

  • Smart column check status was not stopped

  • Couldnt SSO using Active Directory

3.0.5 (2023/10/22)


  • Invalid version date

3.0.4 (2023/10/21)

New Features

  • Warning displayed if the invitationcode or panelistid tag is not in the message


  • Separated multi column export was including deleted answers in header

3.0.3 (2023/10/18)

New Features

  • Ability to hide the tenant information banner


  • Total size of embeded images in excel embed images has been set to 1.5gb

  • Skipped items were piping null default values when change mode was set to update

3.0.2 (2023/09/25)


  • PGP was decrypting exported files binaries using wrong encoding

  • PGP in SPSS export could generate broken SPSS file export

  • Unable to use PGP private keys that are key pair based

  • Download all using filesystem storage for large archives, requires to use filesystem as storage types for files

3.0.1 (2023/09/20)

New features

  • Smart category labeling preset for smart columns to label content into defined categories

  • Smart answers suggestions that automatically suggest answers to a question


  • Improved performances for condition rules evaluations

  • JSON answer list didnt fall back to single iso language code

  • Empty answers trend prevent trends generations

  • Couldnt wipe linked answer smart columns

3.0.0 (2023/09/11)

New features

  • NGSurvey AI Suite that combines AI features with nGSurvey

  • OpenAI API integration as AI provider for ngSurvey's AI suite with GPT3 and GPT4 support

  • Use AI provider for automatic translation of survey question/answers labels

  • Use AI provider for sentiment analysis of text based answers

  • Smart survey creations using AI to create automatically full surveys from scratch based on a topic of your choice

  • AI smart questions creations using AI to create automatically questions sets from a topic

  • AI smart columns to add AI powered meta data to your existing respondent answers

  • Prompt based smart AI column that let you define your own custom AI prompt to analyze any of your respondent data

  • Sentiment smart column to get the sentiment of any respondent answer of your choice

  • Summarize smart column to summarize the text of any respondent answer of your choice

  • Translation smart column to translate the text of any respondent answer of your choice

  • NPS smart AI column to get the actual NPS type of respondent based on an NPS based question of your choice

  • AI smart columns can be linked to a survey, a question or a single answer

  • AI Smart columns can be used for reporting and filtering

  • AI Smart columns can be exported


  • Couldnt move users / groups

  • Translated properties performance issue

  • Unable to copy settings for multi- tenants with short names

  • Deployment URL wasnt using tenant domain when used from the root

  • Html wasnt stripped in matrix headers for word exports

  • Download attribute could not be added to a element

2.6.4 (2023/08/18)

New features

  • Local users / groups security item to authenticate ngSurvey local users or groups

  • Use local users or groups as condition rules for skip logic, branching or redirection


  • Email validation field wasnt taking full width

  • Answer extended properties were not imported

  • Answer widget properties were not imported

  • Condition rule filter text didnt support utf8 entries

  • Safeguard to avoid unwanted activation of the Captcha on login setting

2.6.3 (2023/08/04)


  • Unable to clear claim cache when updating users / groups

  • Import couldnt import all elements

  • Block question order issue when importing surveys

  • Added trusservercertificate to sql panel and sql answer types

2.6.2 (2023/07/02)

New features

  • Phone entry answer item

  • Amazon SNS support for SMS sending (doesnt support failed delivery status, messages will always be marked as sent)

  • HTTP / REST endpoints support for SMS sending (doesnt support failed delivery status, messages will always be marked as sent)

  • Maximize editor for campaign messages and templates


  • Shared session locks didnt get freed on mysql

  • Missing license params

2.6.1 (2023/06/27)


  • Adding automatically TrustServerCertificate to SQL Server based connectionstrings

2.6.0 (2023/06/27)

New features

  • .NET 7 migration ! Make sure to install the .NET 7 Hosting Bundle package on your host first or set your Azure web application to .NET 7 !

  • Angular 16 migration

  • Collaborative shared forms / surveys to let respondents collaborate on the same form data at the same time (Requires SQL Server backend and each license includes up to 10 shared simultaneous shared sessions)

  • Microsoft SQL providers supports for Managed Identity connections

  • Set user inactivity login timeout to lock account if not login has been detected during a certain period of time

  • Large files download support in files management for surveys collecting many files or large files


  • Trailing icon was triggered as default submit

  • Special hexadecimal chars were causing survey printing to fail

  • Didnt use ids when no aliases were available in spss export with alias enabled

  • Data export didnt shift properly multiple answers when split into multiple columns

  • Didnt use ids when no aliases were available in spss export with alias enabled

2.5.6 (2023/06/09)


  • Timezones additions

  • Updated parameter on sql list where deleting other languages parameters

  • Interval reminder were not added to new campaigns

  • New survey id wasnt kept for imported surveys

  • Mailing wasnt setting proper recipient when separated by ;

2.5.5 (2023/24/04)


  • Panel security didnt enforce panelist panel membership

  • Matrix totals where sunmed for all fields in grid repeat mode

  • Repeatable sections were not shown in respondent report review

  • Trailing icon didnt focus on field

  • Answer were not piped in matrix column header of respondent report

  • Hidden question was shown in respondent report question

2.5.4 (2023/04/04)


  • Matrix layout didnt align with scale header

2.5.3 (2023/03/28)

New features

  • Optional horizontal layout of questions in single flow mode on wide screens

  • Greater than or equal operator for conditions logic

  • Less than or equal operator for conditions logic

  • Imported Survey id is kept if the id is still available

  • Partial langauge administration translations and support for Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Portugese,Japanese, Russian and Chinese


  • Invitation tokens didnt get validated on first attempt on MySQL/MariaDB setups

2.5.2 (2023/03/09)

New features

  • Dropdown based ranking

  • Set custom timezones for each campaigns schedule and reminders intervals

  • Arabic support for the administration section including partial Arabic translation

  • Activity logs can be filtered by date range


  • Answers review layout centering issue

2.5.1 (2023/02/24)

New features

  • Answer date field can be set to use the Islamic Umm al Qura calendar

  • Pipe the current Islamic Umm al- Qura date using {{islamicdate}} or {{sqlislamicdate}}

  • Min or max date can be set to use the current day date

2.5.0 (2023/02/17)

New features

  • Choice based conjoint (CBC) question

  • Generate balanced design experiments for CBC

  • Import design experiments for CBC

  • Set layout of CBC either with cards or as grid format

  • CBC data export module

  • Export CBC data as a ready to use CSV for R's ChoiceModelR package


  • System theme changes didnt get saved automatically

  • Compare field wasnt available for piping

  • Logging failed login username in activity log

2.4.38 (2023/01/31)


  • Length was wrongly enforced on server side

2.4.37 (2023/01/16)

New features

  • Schedule data exports based on day of month, hour of day or day of week

  • Add timestamp to custom dataexport template using {{genDate}} tag in the custom filename


  • Form flow submit didnt clear skipped items

  • Ranked answers with skip logic could get out of sync on page navigation

  • Respondent grid column werent sorted by display order

2.4.36 (2023/09/01)

New features

  • Set export types for each answer (Auto, Text, Numeric, Binary, Date, DateTime, Categorical) that will be used for data exports like SPSS

  • Set reporting value for each answer that can be used instead of labels in export templates

  • Auto type automatically matches the export type in SPSS based on the answer properties

  • Recode missing answers to question

  • Recode missing unselected multiple choice answers

  • Set missing value for SPSS

  • Filter out respondent attributes from data exports

  • Single screen to edit all questions's reporting aliases, values and types

2.4.35 (2022/12/13)

New features

  • Randomize order direction of answers eg: to reverse liker scales randomly


  • Pasted content was pasted twice

  • Couldnt manage mailing templates on mysql

2.4.34 (2022/12/14)


  • File upload without settings didnt accept uploads

  • Couldnt export to SPSS using multiple reporting aliases having the same short name

  • Individual respondent export didnt set a header template

2.4.33 (2022/12/13)

New features

  • OpenId security item supports now identity provider forbidding wildcard based callback URLs

  • Create multiple fields and parameters to feed the SQL Security item SQL queries

  • Ability to pipe security items data attributes values to another security item

  • Slightly redesigned slider for better usability

  • Set header, footer, left or right labels for the slider

  • Set a value for the steps done by the slider

  • Define a "Not applicable" option on the slider

  • Ability to keep the selected value above the slider all the time

  • Define a "Not applicable" label and value for the silder


  • Unable to use querystring default selections on multiple selection based questions

  • System message was not used if multiple language were set in a survey with a selected survey language

2.4.32 (2022/01/12)

New features

  • Define the type of files accepted in the media gallery


  • Private user properties were not stripped from users lists

2.4.31 (2022/30/11)

New features

  • Show skip logic / branching status in the form tree nodes


  • Missing side labels was preventing the panelist editor to load

  • Page break didnt update existing pages skip logic position

2.4.30 (2022/28/11)


  • Enforced file upload type checking on the server side

2.4.29 (2022/25/11)

New features

  • Maximum default accepted respondent answers text length is now 10MB

  • Maximum accepted answer text length limit can be set using the "MaxAllowedTextSize" environment variable


  • Fields max, min and max words wasnt enforced on the server side

  • Password security item value was visible through the API response

2.4.28 (2022/24/11)


  • Prevew / Test mode didnt load answer fields

2.4.27 (2022/23/11)

New features

  • Questions can override the survey fields label position layout

  • Fields label can be set to be displayed horizontal on the left of the field

2.4.26 (2022/18/11)

New features

.Misc. performances improvements


  • Missing add folder icon in media grid

  • User with only survey access could download export batch using its id

2.4.25 (2022/01/11)

New features

  • Set tooltip for questions texts, answers labels, matrix rows

  • Define CORS origin domains using the environment NGSurvey:AllowedCORSOrigins setting: eg:NGSurvey:AllowedCORSOrigins=',https://*'

  • Javascript developer right to restrict user roles access on Javascript based features

  • Javascript is not anymore supported within code behinds of questions texts, thanks messages and security items introduction messages. You may use the FormCode class instead to run Javacript code


  • Unable to load media folder lists under MySQL

  • Unable to load open surveys under MySQL

  • Active Directory didnt log activity with SSO enabled

2.4.24 (2022/25/10)

New features

  • Matrix rating report item

  • Matrixes are now show in matrix layout style in indivdual respondent reports


  • Missing edit / add export template route

  • Adding multiple rows didnt refresh question matrix structure

  • Matrix didnt update immediatly min/max selections for preview mode

  • Alphanumeric tokens were not genrated using numbers

  • Library folder duplicate id wasnt replaced by new one

  • Couldnt display libraries with empty names

2.4.23 (2022/14/10)

New features

  • Angular 14 migration

  • Set system wide file size limit for uploaded medias


  • Data export excel, word wrong settings route path

  • Couldnt reload the survey without re- authetnicating manually using openid security

  • Azure security item didnt display login button if login couldnt be automatically done

  • couldnt log back without closing browser if using azure ad

  • Mailing templtes werent loaded if recipients page was accessed directly

  • Data export file not exportable empty on Linux based configurations

2.4.22 (2022/06/10)

New features

  • Copy respondents and their answers from one survey to another

  • Repeatable grid layout support for matrix questions


  • Password check didnt accept multiple special chars

  • Open surveys were displayed from ungranted folders hierarchies

  • SQL key wasnt saved in progress when multiple submits were not allowed

  • Matrix didnt create section for childs

2.4.21 (2022/09/26)

New features

  • Sets a maximum of users that can be created on a tenant


  • Couldnt delete users under MySQL

2.4.20 (2022/09/23)

New features

  • Link a question to a matrix to generate dynamically rows based on the respondent answers to that linked question


  • Couldnt update panelist attributes labels

  • Unable to translate thanks message with multiple language code based languages

2.4.19 (2022/09/07)

New features

  • Surveys search

  • Other fields can be hidden by default until the selection answer (checkbox, radio) is selected

2.4.18 (2022/08/29)

New features

  • Repetable sections based question can be set to use a grid based layout

2.4.17 (2022/08/24)

New features

  • Added client secret for OpenId identity providers (Google ...) that may requires a client secret


  • Deleted questions/answers in trashcan were left on report items

2.4.16 (2022/08/19)

New features

  • Define a lifetime in minutes for the Azure AD security items authorization token

  • Check the security items authorization based on their order

2.4.15 (2022/08/10)

New features

  • Field based answers were disabled on session resume within repeatable questions

  • Survey language wasnt used as default system language in multilang mode

2.4.14 (2022/08/08)

New features

  • Moved all answer items calendar / date calendar icon inside their field

  • Input based date answer item using 3 separate fields for Day / Month / Year

  • Panelist id within CSV can be used for respondents data import to link imported respondents to a panelist

2.4.13 (2022/07/31)

New features

  • Define the questions / answers columns that will be be exported in data exports

  • Added additional Arabic locals for Qatar UAE, Oman


  • Survey's actions, security items and answer types connection strings were not cleared

2.4.12 (2022/07/25)

New features

  • Store files / medias in a folder instead of the database

  • CSV Injection protection

  • New onAuthenticated event on ngsform code class


  • Location was fetched from cache on Android

2.4.11 (2022/07/18)

New features

  • Set automatically folder child objects access rights on folders having the ihnerit rights option enabled


  • Deny survey access if user doesnt have access to one parent folder in the hierarchy

  • Clearing multiselection other field on resume as selection instead of text

  • Validate on page change was always activated on page navigator

  • Mariadb compatibility issues

2.4.10 (2022/07/07)

New features

  • Skip logic within the same question is scoped by sections

  • Define a REST/HTTP endpoint validator for field valdiation

  • Compare field can be validating using regex

2.4.9 (2022/06/29)

New features

  • Helper text support for selection based answers (radio, checkbox, ..)


  • Pipe date from calendar based answers didnt use the survey language as local

  • Excel embed images export option didnt work on Linux based system

  • Checkbox other didnt have key event hooked

  • Checkbox key event was triggered on key combination

2.4.8 (2022/06/19)

New features

  • Embed uploaded images from respondent in Excel exports

  • Use question list as a widget property


  • Deleting survey was removing actions from its cloned surveys

  • Question flow validation was validating panel question

  • Progress bar wasnt set to 100% on pages with submit button enabled

2.4.7 (2022/06/09)

New features

  • Skip logic rules for questions, answers and pages can be grouped using a logical "and" condition


  • Respondent grid didnt sort properly number only based columns

  • Piping of calendar / time answer items wasnt rendered using local date format

  • Shifted internal user rights could cause access denied

  • ngsjs piping code wanst removed from parsed question text

  • Case sensitve language code value from querystring

2.4.6 (2022/05/30)

New features

  • Report filter condition rules can be grouped in separate groups using and/or logic

  • Set min/max dates on Calendar / Calendar time properties


  • Pool questions didnt show validation messages on page change

  • Displayed pool questions history wasnt saved with respondents answers

  • Improved loading time of images in the respondent grid

  • Hidden skipped questions was clearing its single selection

2.4.5 (2022/05/25)

New features

  • Assign multiple filters to data export templates


  • Respondent grid date / time column headers didnt show label

  • Improved panel CSV import performances

  • DAG wasnt applied on survey export with respondent answers

  • Respondent session wasnt restored for change with email based code session

2.4.4 (2022/05/22)


  • File upload didnt handle empty google drive references

2.4.3 (2022/05/20)


  • Invalid SSL certificates were not accepted for SMTP mailing

2.4.2 (2022/05/17)

New features

  • Role's rights are now grouped in sections to ease roles creation

  • Date based answers (calendar, calendar time) respondents outputs are now formatted using the local time

  • Specify custom date formats for data exports and data export templates to format dates


  • Piping of fast changing values could cause the ui to become unresponsive

  • File upload mime types wasnt properly parsed

  • Prevent multiple submissions from same respondent id

  • Mysql didnt sync recipients emails when synced back

  • Mysql unable to delete panels with panelists

  • Mysql missing panel naming on csv export

  • Mysql empty panelists recipients grids

2.4.1 (2022/05/14)


  • Server side pipe didnt clear value on empty respondent answers

  • Skip logic could prevent submission when skipped question was required

2.4.0 (2022/05/10)

New features

  • Define data access groups on surveys to grant non survey owners limited access to respondent data based on filtering rules

  • Data access groups rules to define a subset of respondents data that this group will grant access to

  • Restrict access to non survey owners to only subsets of respondents data based on their data access groups memberships

  • Improved data import mapping

2.3.21 (2022/05/06)


  • API developer key storage overflow

  • Compare value was inverted on direfct answer compare

2.3.20 (2022/04/27)

New features

  • SMTP based mailing monitoring improvements


  • Server side piping didnt pipe repeatable values

  • Couldnt access report filters with only filter access right

2.3.19 (2022/04/25)

New features

  • Skip logic can be applied on matrix columns

  • Persitant mailing storage to store all emails send through pickup based mailing


  • Reminders were still triggered on surveys in the trashcan

  • Panel wasnt returning to the panel screen if in panel and deleted

2.3.18 (2022/04/20)

New features

  • Organization email for general email notifications


  • Sql list item was keeping selected value on list change

  • Field ranking didnt use max value

  • SQL items didnt work under mysql

  • Section were repeated for fields in word export

  • Signature pad was keeping value on clear

2.3.17 (2022/04/18)

New features

  • Customize respondent grid columns that should be displayed

  • Link a question to another question in the survey to pipe its answers in it

  • Pipe selected or unselected respondent answers into a questions based on its linked question

  • Exclude an answer from the linked questions pipe


  • Survey json export was exporting deleted items

  • Couldnt generate automatic guid tokens

  • Couldnt json export surveys with empty security item connections

  • Max recipient reminder was enforced in interval mode

  • Skipped selection answer item was kept selected if selected before being hidden

  • SQL answer item was loading twice the results in background

  • Restricted sender wasnt set on messages prior enabling it

2.3.16 (2022/03/28)

New features

  • Respondent grid shows thumbnails for answer uploads image based files

  • Database panel connector support for MySQL/MariaDB to connect Tables / Views as panels

  • Database panel connector support for Postgres to connect Tables / Views as panels

  • Database panel connector support for Oracle to connect Tables / Views as panels

  • Added client side validations to database panel connector attributes based on their column type


  • Reminder wasnt sent if it was already send manually from recipient grid

  • Next button didnt validate page when page naviagtor had disabled validation

  • Unable to update reminder closing type

  • Couldnt import survey with excluded answers

2.3.15 (2022/03/22)


  • Missing clear activity log in mysql

2.3.14 (2022/03/21)

New features

  • Matrix rows can be randomized


  • Timer not available for single question flow layouts

  • Question flow matrix header layout was set to row

  • Condition rule updated on selection

  • Dynamic ranking didnt re- order with skipped answers

2.3.13 (2022/03/14)

New features

  • Enable activity logging on security items to log authentication success/failures

  • Angular 13.2 update


  • Improved rendering of the respondent analysis grid

  • Couldnt set groups access rights for surveys

  • respondent submission date was "re- zoned" n completion alert report

  • Inactivity timer didnt reuse querystring values on session restart

2.3.12 (2022/03/04)

New features

  • Set a timer to limit the time a respondent can take to finish the survey

  • Persit timer on the respondent session

2.3.11 (2022/03/03)


  • SQL based type was calling endpoint multiple times for same answer type

  • CES question wizard was using a incorrect label

  • Empty answers check on question validation

  • Question rating was divided by 0 when no rating has been set

  • Form value changes didnt handle null values

  • Misc improvement on list rendering performance

2.3.10 (2022/03/01)

New features

  • Drodownlist based collection answer types can be set to allow multiple selections

  • Set maxmimal limit of selection for answers based on multi- select dropdown items

  • Enable search filter for answers based on multi- select dropdown items

  • New "panelists" property available in the form code and widgets extensions to get the current logged in and its attributes values

  • Bulk add for collection based answer types


  • Row question text wasnt shown if header was disabled on mobile

2.3.9 (2022/02/24)

New features

  • Soft validation for required questions / answers to show a warning message if a required item has been left unanswered but respondent will still be able to continue

  • System wide logging system to log over 300 application activities triggered by users, panels, surveys or the system

  • Export activities as CSV

  • Set the number of days after which logs are automatically cleared using the environment ClearActivityLogsOlderThanDays variable

  • Set the number of days after manually deleted logs are purged using the environment ClearActivityLogTresholdDays variable

  • Encrypt activity logs using the environment EncryptActivityLog variable (true / false)


  • Question's header was shown on mobile even when header disabled

2.3.8 (2022/02/14)

New features

  • Restrict globally for all users the sending email to only one email


  • Style wasnt loaded

2.3.7 (2022/02/11)

New features

  • Multiple selection based dropdown list question

  • Option to hide dead / skipped pages from the page navigator

  • Static / HTML answer item to use rich text based labels within questions


  • Panel didnt create attributes using mysql

  • Respondent email check wasnt called using mysql

  • Non selection answer type werent shown in list based questions

  • Multiple selections answers were aways selected on resume if set by default

  • Couldnt use spacebar key for checkbox selection

2.3.6 (2022/02/09)

New features

  • Optional two factor email authentication for built- in accounts

  • Remember device for 7 days for two factor authentication

  • Set minimal requirements (Letters, numbers, specia chars) for passwords

  • Force users to change their password on login


  • Question numbering in dropdown lists wasnt counting disabled / skipped questions

2.3.5 (2022/02/04)

New features

  • Web based DB setup interface for new installations under https://yourdomain/ngs/setup


  • Some language translation were picking up origin language in language selection list

  • Save progress button wasnt shown in "Save on page navigation" mode

2.3.4 (2022/01/30)


  • SPSS export was trying to export deleted answers

  • Image thumbnails were not generated properly on Linux hosts

2.3.3 (2022/01/28)

New features

  • Organize panels into folders


  • OpenID offline_access was causing issues when used with providers like AWS Cognito

  • MySQL: Deleted surveys werent moved

  • MySQL: Couldnt create medias folders

2.3.2 (2022/01/24)

New features

  • NGSurvey MariaDB Edition with MariaDB support to run ngSurvey using a MariaDB database

  • Restrict access to surveys only to selected Active Directory users or groups

  • Restrict access to surveys only to selected Azure Active Directory users or groups

2.3.1 (2021/01/22)


  • Answers of multi selection based questions where shown out of order in report and piping

  • Page indicator wasnt immediately refreshed in the selected language

  • Automatic saving session dialog was showning copy to clipboard option

2.3.0 (2022/01/18)

New features

  • NGSurvey MySQL Edition with MySQL support to run ngSurvey using an Oracle's MySQL database

2.2.13 (2021/12/23)


  • Couldnt select individual panelist from the panel campaign

  • Unable to set set the automatic token generator count

2.2.12 (2021/12/22)

New features

  • CSAT smiley matrix question

  • NPS question uses now its monochrome color theme by default

2.2.11 (2021/12/20)


  • Compare field didnt compare local answer

2.2.10 (2021/12/15)


  • Other selection wasnt keeping selection

2.2.9 (2021/12/13)

New features

  • Set minimal required length for fields


  • Couldnt restore properly matrix based questions

2.2.8 (2021/12/11)


  • Other field was cleared using Kanji characters

2.2.7 (2021/12/10)

New features

  • Code base migrated to Angular 13

  • Code base migrated to .NET 6


  • Wrong refresh cookie path

  • Data attributes with piping prefix were not piped

  • Didnt load user roles on offline surveys

  • Form control regex was case sensitive

2.2.6 (2021/12/08)


  • Answers were not available for export

2.2.5 (2021/12/06)

New features

  • Survey trashcan to store deleted questions, blocks, rows, columns or answers

  • Restore any deleted questions, blocks, rows, columns or answers from the trashcan

  • Undo deleted questions or answers

  • Automatically wipe survey trashcan items older than a certain amout of days

  • Notification "popups" have been updated with a snackbar


  • Randomize answers for test data

  • Mailjet tracking settings werent saved

  • Questions diplay order could be shuffled

2.2.2 (2021/11/17)

New features

  • JSON bassed answer item can be displayed as dropdown or autocomplete


  • Couldnt translate collection items

  • Translated answer collection list werent imported

  • Couldnt edit newly created JSON answer type

2.2.3 (2021/11/12)


  • Reporting alias wasnt used in answer exports

  • SQL Task wasnt triggered on update

  • Resources not loaded on closed surveys

  • Slow respondents delete

  • Internal database refactorings

2.2.2 (2021/11/08)

New features

  • Mailjet API support to send out emails using their API

  • Use Mailjet API bounce event webhook handler to flag bounced emails. Mailjet bounce event Webhook must be configured using https://yourngsurvey/api/emails/mjbounce

2.2.1 (2021/11/05)

New features

  • Set a maxmium numbers of reminders that should be sent to campaign recipients

  • Export / Import multi- language labels as Excel file


  • Unable to delete reminded recipients

  • Root page redirection on refresh token expiration

  • Pipe / Gallery was always enabled as being inline in the rich editor

  • Pool questions were included in the survey print output

  • Missing translation resources for csat and ces questions answers

  • Resource label was using overriden text

  • Available appointments timeslots were counted per slot and not per "appointment per slot"

  • Appointments didnt enforce start / end date

2.2.0 (2021/10/29)

New features

  • Invitations section to ease campaigns management

  • Overview stats screen to see the current state of all campaigns

  • Invitations chart for invitations sent and completed

  • Recipients managment interface to see and manage all campaigns recipients from one place

  • Send individual or all reminders to recipients from the recipients grid


  • Fields answers didnt take 100% space in horizontal mode

2.1.14 (2021/10/12)


  • Date answer item's calendar adjusted date based on timezone

  • onAuthenticateFormCode event wasnt initially called when multiple security items were setup

2.1.13 (2021/10/11)

New features

  • Export tokens as CSV


  • Background process batches could prevent live database backups

2.1.12 (2021/10/06)

New features

  • Enable HSTS using the NGSurvey:EnableHSTS env variables property set to true

  • Select multiple answers as being "Exclude answers"


  • Browser language was used for respondent even if not available in language list

  • Full page reload was redirecting page to dashboard

  • Xl, XXL breakpoints were not reconized as desktop targets in single question flow mode

2.1.11 (2021/09/24)

New features

  • Pipe values from custom javascript functions

  • Export / Import respondents with the survey using the survey JSON export

  • Set all accounts to be automatically logged out on browser tab/window closing

  • Refresh auth tokens are now using httponly cookies


  • Removed 256MB file download/upload limit

  • Mixed identity submit button is now enabled without min length of code

2.1.10 (2021/09/17)

New features

  • SVG support for media gallery image files

  • Matrix row total answer widget that calculates the total of all fields within a matrix row

  • Matrix column total answer widget that calculates the total of all fields within a matrix column


  • Boolean widgets custom properties didnt get updated

  • OpenId Security item config wasnt updated for multiple instance

2.1.9 (2021/09/11)


  • Pending campaign werent available for users

  • IP security item wasnt properly launched in background

2.1.8 (2021/09/10)

New features

  • Historical trends analysis report to generate trends based on days, weeks, months or years


  • File upload didnt accept all files

2.1.7 (2021/09/09)


  • Security authentication didnt redirect form with page navigation enabled

  • Didnt pick up default OpenId config for empty security item OpenId config

2.1.6 (2021/09/06)

New features

  • Webhook security item tester to call the webhook endpoint with test data

  • OpenId Connect user provider to use any identity OID enabled provider (AWS Cognito, Keycloat, Identity server..) to automatically manage access and single signon users in the administration section using the OID credentials.

  • OpenId Connect security item to restrict access to surveys based on OpenId credentials

  • Auto group link property to assign automatically groups to newly created users


  • Cloud word report didnt break sentences properly

2.1.5 (2021/08/31)

New features

  • Panelist grid is now showing all the panel attributes


  • Panel ownership check done on non- added panels

  • File upload answer item didnt allow images capture types

2.1.4 (2021/08/27)

New features

  • Microsoft PowerApps / Azure Flow connector actions to queue recipients in a survey campaign to send out email invitation on the fly. eg: Could be used to send out a survey invitation after closing a support ticket from a third party tool.


  • Improvement html content sanitizer

2.1.3 (2021/08/25)

New features

  • Microsoft PowerApps / Azure Flow connector with trigger operation on new respondent answers

  • Set answer type widget editor to full screen mode


  • CSV imports didnt skip empty lines

  • Missing average rating charts label

2.1.2 (2021/08/23)

New features

  • Use Excel files as import source to create / update panels

  • Switch OpenAPI generated document backward to version 2 using the environment "NGSurvey:OpenAPIVersion" variable

  • Preview and select import columns when creating a panel from CSV / Excel

  • Preview and map import columns to existing panel attributes when updating panel panelists using CSV / Excel

  • Panel's SourceUId column values can be choosen from any column of the CSV/Excel used to create the panel


  • Trending report item didnt show label

  • Campaign right access issues for non- admin accounts

  • Token authentication was called twice when token login UI was disabled

2.1.1 (2021/08/14)

New features