Phone Confirmation

The phone confirmation answer type will validate the mobile phone number entered by the respondent using a unique code that will be sent to the respondent by SMS and which is required to submit the survey if the phone confirmation field has been set as required.

🔅Phone confirmation properties

You may configure additional email validator properties from the answer properties page.

  • Twilio account twilio account that should be used to send the SMS.

  • Twilio account token twilio API access token.

  • From phone number number from which the SMS should originate from.

  • Message body confirmation sms message body. The {0} tag is replaced at runtime by the validation code.

  • Default country country that is selected by default in the phone entry field.

  • Expires after minutes after which the authorization of the confirmation validation is not valid anymore and requires the respondent to re-confirm.

n multi-language surveys you can define different properties for each of your language. To set these properties for a given language select the edition language in the designer and then update the properties.

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