Google Sheet Task

📥 What is the Google Sheet Task ?

The Google sheet task will automatically save the respondent and all his answers in a Google Sheet of your choice.

To setup Google Sheets and let ngSurvey access your spreadsheets you will need to link a Google Service Account to your ngSurvey account from your account settings page .

🔅 Google Sheet Task properties

  • Spreadsheet to which the target sheet belongs.

  • Sheet that will keep the respondent answers.

Make sure that the spreadsheet you want to use has been shared with your Google Service Account using the Share button inside the Google Sheets user interface.

📚 Respondent row format

The target format of the respondent and its responses is one column per question that will hold the respondent answer in it. If the question has a mixed of text and selection answer types ngSurvey will use one column for the question and one extra column for each answer type that is text based like a comment field for example.

🧙 The first column will automatically created with the questions and answers labels. If a reporting alias has be setup for either the question or answer it will be used instead of the label.

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